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Collagen Lift® Paris MEN for great skin, hair, stamina and energy

Male skin – on both the face and the body, differ from female skin and with regular shaving, it is treated differently. Because of this, men benefit from a tailored approach to skincare and healthy body.

Made in France, Collagen Lift® Paris MEN is a collagen drink that works from the inside out to target areas men need it most – skin, hair, stamina and energy.


Containing a powerful combination of Collagen, Biotin (for healthy hair and nails), Zinc (promotes endurance and energy), Guarana (reduces fatigue), Glutathione (powerful antioxidant), Seaweed (soothes dry and irritated skin) and Vitamin C.

VERISOL® bioactive  collagen

* Collagen peptides of 2.0kD, absorbed by the body within 30 minutes

* Increases the skin’s collagen production from the inside

* Reduces wrinkles by up to 50% and increases skin moisture and elasticity.


* Rich in antioxidants

* Boosts energy/reduces fatigue/improves mental focus


* Powerful antioxidant

* Protects body against toxins

Ulva Mediterranean Seaweed

* Stimulates collagen production

* Protects elastin

* Provides skin with essential amino acids, antioxidants and minerals

* Soothes dry and irritated skin

Vitamin C

* Antioxidant

* Improves collagen absorption


* Supports and promotes natural testosterone levels

* Promotes endurance and energy

* Vital mineral for health hair, skin and nails


* Important for healthy hair, skin and nails

One ampoule a day with a glass of water or juice on an empty stomach, preferably before breakfast. One box contains 28 individual ampoules for convenience.

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